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2006 - 2007 Highlights


2007 - 2008
Team Meeting
Who was there:  Joe, Rob P, Brian, Barry, Pierre, Marty, Gerald, Richard.
The big news, after a tough negotiation with Dusty's management the Barnyard Dog has signed for another year.  It was a bitter battle as Joe and Mike take up about 90% of the salary cap.  But Barry Lavallee decided to take a pay cut so the frustrated farmer could come out and play again. 
Stay tuned for more updates. 
B-D, B-D, B-D, That's all Folks!!!
First game of the year vs the Puck Hogs.  Well, who would have thought Pigs could fly.  They flew right by Dusty's like they were standing in the slop and getting fat for a BBQ. 
Final score, Pigs 7 - Dusty's 2.  No matter, it was off to the local tavern for some rightly named pulled pork sandwiches.  Dusty's game may not be in mid season form but the snacks sure are!!!
Trailer Park Boys Evicted
The boys were looking to get to even to start the year off, and luckily they were playing the TPB's.  The local lads were all over them from the get go.  The boys from the ghetto had no chance.  Final score Dusty's 7 - TPB's 2.  Afterwards off to the corner tavern for some expensive chicken fingers. (got to pay off those Toyotas somehow)
Les Boys, Les Glorieux
Could the local Heroes keep it going for the third contest of the year?  The boys did show up and skated and skated.  The boys up front did a hell of job, but the problem was in the pipes.  Brian brought his A game, but only for a two - minute 10 save barrage.  Other than that the old saying came true, goaltending came make it or break it.  Final socre was Les Boys 7 - Dustys 5
Dusty's Blow Hard, Storm Rebuffed
Looking to avenge two bitter defeats from last year, the local lads would be without three of their Defencemen. No matter, the call went out and Junior Lavallee and Robert Tremblay took up the cause.  Unfortunately Tardy Marty and Pooching Pierre were 15 minutes late getting on the ice.  That meant 7 Dusty's skaters were left to circle the wagons.  It was no contest.  The magnificient 7 kept the Storm at bay and potted 2 goals to take the early lead.  With all skaters finally on the ice things were looking very positive.  Brian brought the A+ game tonight.  Thwarting the Storm at every opportunity he had.  The boys went up 3 nothing.  The Storm broke the shutout bid with 3 minutes remaining. Final score was Dusty's 4 the Storm 3.  Nicely warmed up Club Subs was the reward for the evening at the corner tavern.  The boys are now at 2 wins and 2 losses. 
Biffords Beat Up Dusty's
The Biffords trotted out 3 lines to take on the local Heroes.  Two lines probably would have sufficed.  The Local heroes put up a valiant effort but came away with an 8 - 5 loss.  A better effort may have been provided by Mike D, but when you show up to play inebriated, your expectations are drastically reduced.  Bonus of the night, Mike D bought a round for the boys and the Barnyard Dog owes a 24!!
Dusty's Harrass Hitmen
Following last night's loss, could the boys put it together tonight?  Mike D showed up in a better state this evening, although he's not as funny when he's sober.  The local heroes took it to the Hitmen from the get go and pounded away for an 8 - 2 victory. 
Mentor Torments Mentee;Bronco's put the Hooves to Dusty's
The second big game of the year was here.  The local heroes already dispatched the Storm, now it was the Bronco's.  The Bronco's spent the past off season in therapy as they were swept in all four games last season.  Channelling their anger and disapointment , the Broncos came out with some vengence.  Bigfoot was about to put on a clinic for his younger protege Brian.  The game was ugly for the local heroes from the get go.  Poor goaltending, uninpired play and a pretty hot Grand Pied led to the demise of the local heroes.  Final score was 7 - 2.  (Of course the Broncos showed now class by running up the score)  Next game is Monday night.